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Your Support Matters

There are several ways to join our efforts to preserve and curate Boulder City's history. 

The Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum and the historic Boulder Dam Hotel are owned and operated by the Boulder City Museum and Historical Association (BCMHA), a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit corporation.

Patronize the Boulder Dam Hotel and Its Tenants

Profits from the operations of the Boulder Dam Hotel are 100% allocated to support our museum and museum programs. Hotel operations pay the BCMHA's mortgage, as well as 100% of the utilities, insurances, phone and internet services, fire alarm and suppression systems, and maintenance expenses for the museum's exhibit and archive spaces. 

Become A Volunteer

Our Volunteers assist with processing and curating our collections and/or help us with our special exhibits, educational programs, and fundraising. 

Become a Museum Member

Our members' dues support the development and care of our permanent, special, and remote exhibits. Members are invited to our annual meeting to nominate and select directors, vote on proposed bylaw changes when required, and offer input into our operations and programs. 

Become a Grantor

Granting agencies provide funding for our archives, helping us collect, preserve, and curate artifacts and materials relevant to the period from the beginning of the Boulder Canyon Project through the incorporation of Boulder City. Grantors receive all the benefits of membership plus recognition for support of our collections.

Become a Sponsor

Sponsors support our educational programs such as our 3rd Thursday Lecture Series; our self-guided, audio walking tour of Boulder City's historic district; and our school tours. Sponsors receive  all the benefits of membership plus recognition for the program supported. 

Become a Donor

Donors support capital improvement projects and major improvements or additions to our holdings. Opportunities currently exist to help us restore our recent acquisition, the Teddy Fenton House on Avenue C. Donors receive all the benefits of membership plus recognition for the project supported. 

To become involved through any of the above opportunities, please call us at (702) 294-1988 or email us at


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