Our Permanent Exhibit


The museum tells the story of the Boulder Canyon Project as it was experienced by the men and women who braved the desolation of the Southern Nevada desert to build Hoover Dam and Boulder City. The displays and exhibits describe the great social and

economic forces of the Depression Era and provide a sense of the complexity, danger, and scale of the project.

Our Boulder Dam Hotel


Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the hotel provides an authentic historical experience for

tourists and locals alike. The hotel invites visitors to appreciate the unique history of Southern Nevada as well as the present-day vitality of one of its treasures ─ Boulder City. Proceeds generated from hotel operations

are utilized to support our museum and its various exhibits and programs.

Our Educational Outreach


We provide a range of educational programs designed to accommodate students of all ages; these include

supervised visits to our Children’s Activity Room, off-site programs, and guided tours of our permanent exhibit.

All programs serve to provide a historical and social context to the construction of Hoover Dam and the founding of Boulder City.

Our Walking Tour


The BCMHA has produced an audio walking tour of the Boulder City Historic District. Tourists can now use their

cell/smart phone to listen to historical information at each of 11 stops along a route through historic Boulder City. Tour content is designed to expand the museum’s vision and educational objectives to the broader community.

Our Collections


The archives are housed on the Ground Level of the Boulder Dam Hotel where they are accessible to researchers for a variety of purposes. The collections are recognized as a national treasure by Save America’s Treasures and the National Park Service. They are under the care of a collections specialist who is responsible for ensuring the BCMHA’s policies and standards are maintained.

Governing Documents

Mission, Scope, Code of Ethics,

Bylaws, Collections Policy

Boulder City's Historic District

National Register of Historic Places

Inventory Form


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Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum

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The Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum, the Boulder Dam Hotel, and Explore Boulder City are owned and operated by the Boulder City Museum and Historical Association, a 501 (c)(3) corporation.

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