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The Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum, the Boulder Dam Hotel, and Explore Boulder City are owned and operated by the Boulder City Museum and Historical Association, a 501 (c)(3) corporation.

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The Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum tells the story of the men and women who braved the desolation of the southern Nevada desert to build Hoover Dam and settle Boulder City.  Their's is a story of American ambition, vision and grit.  Built during the Great Depression and as the Dust Bowl ravaged the American heartland, the engineering and construction marvel that is Hoover Dam also served as a beacon of hope -- signaling a brighter future.

The boulder city hoover dam museum is temporarily closed as we comply with the State of Nevada's covid-19 guidelines


Every Day

7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.



1305 Arizona Street

Boulder City, NV 89005

 Inside the historic Boulder Dam Hotel 


(702) 294-1988

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Hoover Dam Worker

Dynamite, high voltage lines, searing heat, truck exhaust, and haste made for dangerous working conditions. Most of the men wouldn’t complain if their lives depended on it. Those who protested openly were often replaced from the huge pool of unemployed standing-by in Las Vegas. “I’ll tell you it was tough. Were the dam built today...OSHA would have closed it down in 10 minutes.” – Tommy Nelson